Meet Belinda Cratchit in A Christmas Carol

Name? My name is Corinne Fischer!

Character? I play Belinda Cratchit and Lil’ Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol.

A little background on yourself: I am 13 years old and go to Eckstein Middle School. I have performed at The 5th Avenue Theatre and Seattle Children’s Theatre and lucky enough to be here this Christmas!

How many years have you been in ACT’s A Christmas Carol? This is my first year performing in ACT’s A Christmas Carol, and I am so happy to be a part of it this season!

What has been your favorite part? I love the cast and crew! Everyone contributes so much to this production, and I am so lucky to be a part of it!corinne-fischer-headshot

How do you get ready for a show? The night before a show I make sure to get LOTS of sleep. And before the sad Cratchits scene, to get into character, I imagine my little brothers being sick.

What do you always have to have in your dressing room? I have to have my phone and makeup with me! We almost always listen and jam out to Hamilton or other musicals!

If you could be any character in A Christmas Carol, who would it be? I would LOVE to play Belle or Spirit 1! Spirit 1 has the most beautiful dress, and she has such an amazing, beautiful role. Belle is such a great character and has so many emotions she gets to portray!

For those who have never seen ACT’s A Christmas Carol, what is the best moment of the show (whether it’s onstage or backstage)? Well, I would say that when Marley rises out of the ground, that is SO cool! I also love the bread lady encounter. And when Spirit 2 comes out, it is amazing. But what beats all, is when Rob (Mr. Fezziwig) brings out his speaker and everyone has a dance party. That is so much fun!

See Corinne in A Christmas Carol, on now-Dec 28. Tickets available here.


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