Meet Turkey Boy in A Christmas Carol

Name?  Brandon Oke

Character? Turkey Boy, Singing Thief, Undertaker’s Assistant

A little background of yourself: This is my 12th musical. I was Randy in A Christmas Story at The 5th Avenue Theatre two years ago and was nominated for a Gregory Award. I was also in Billy Elliot with Village Theatre, A Christmas Carol with Seattle Musical Theater (Tiny Tim), and James & the Giant Peach (James) and Seussical (Jojo) with Village Kidstage. I’ve also done several TV and internet commercials! img_2948

How many years have you been in ACT’s A Christmas Carol? This is my second year. I played almost the same roles in 2015.

What do you look forward to each year? I love making such great friends, and I love being in something that lots of people look forward to seeing every year. I also have a lot of fun in the Turkey Boy scene when I surprise the audience by entering from behind them, and then have all my lines with Scrooge while standing at the top of the aisle.

How do you get ready for a show? I get into a really good mood before each show by laughing and talking with my friends in the cast. We get each other excited about it!

What do you always have to have in your dressing room? I’m the kid that has to have all my Christmas lights and decorations up around my area!

If you could be any character of A Christmas Carol, who would it be? I would love to play the Ghost of Christmas Present someday. He is so hilarious!

For those who have never seen ACT’s A Christmas Carol, what is the best moment of the show (whether it’s onstage or backstage)? The happy Scrooge scenes at the end are the best!

See Brandon in A Christmas Carol, on now-Dec 28. Tickets available here.


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