Meet Elizabeth Cratchit in A Christmas Carol

Name? Anna Ostrem

Character: Elizabeth Cratchit, Fan Ebenezer, and Want

How many years have you been in ACT’s A Christmas Carol? I have been in A Christmas Carol three times. Each year being incredible and exhilarating and joyful.

What do you look forward to each year? I look forward to Secret Santa and green room dance parties.

How do you get prepared for a show? I brush thoroughly through my long hair and drink a ton of water.anna-ostrem-headshot2-feb-2014

What do you always have to do before a show? I always have to have my panda pillow pet named Tilly in my dressing room to sit on and give me good luck.

If you could be any character in A Christmas Carol, who would you want to be? If I could be anyone in the show I would love to be Spirit 1. She is just so graceful and delightful, plus the costume is beautiful.

What is your favorite moment (backstage or onstage)? The best moment in A Christmas Carol by far is the bread lady and sausage man encounter.

See Anna in A Christmas Carol, on now-Dec 28. Tickets available here.


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