Meet Martha Cratchit in A Christmas Carol

Name: Juliette Jones

Character: Martha Cratchit (and Miss Fezziwig)

Background: I am a sophomore at Garfield High School where I play violin in the orchestra and saxophone in the jazz band. My love of singing and dancing led me to theatre at a young age and now it is one of the most important influences in my life. Some of my favorite past credits are Stargirl in Stargirl and Charlie in Willy Wonka at Seattle Children’s Theatre, For All That at Second Story Repertory, and Shrek at Kitsap Forest Theatre!juliette-jones-headshot-a-feb-2016-4mb

I haven’t been doing quite as much theatre over the past few years because I devote most of my time as a member of Vocalpoint! Seattle where I perform both rock and classical music. I am disappointed to be missing their annual Festival of Lessons and Carols with the Northwest Boychoir this year, but am beyond delighted to be performing with ACT instead! I also starred in The Serene Heartache, a short film that has been screened at multiple festivals around Seattle and Los Angeles.

How many years have you performed in A Christmas Carol? This is my 2nd year at ACT; I played Belinda Cratchit and Fan in 2013!

What I look forward to about A Christmas Carol: Personalized mugs (and unlimited tea!), the extraordinary costumes, eating lots of festive foods brought in by the cast and crew, Secret Santa gift exchanges, wild excursions downtown between rehearsals or shows, bonding with the cast and crew, speaking in an English accent 24/7, and bringing Christmas cheer to 50 different audiences!

How I get ready for a show: My amazing dresser, Rachel, does my hair and helps me with my costume while everyone in my dressing room rocks out to some of our favorite music. We love to listen to a variety of showtunes but we always fall back on Hamilton and Disney songs. Occasionally we throw in some classic rock and Christmas jams to mix it up.

juliettteSomething I always must have in my dressing room: My assortment of Santa hats, stockings, reindeer antlers, festive decorations, and my trusty Snuggie!

If I could be any character… Realistically, I’d love play the Ghost of Christmas Past one day! But if anyone were willing to cast me in the role, I’d choose Marley. He has such a spectacularly dramatic entrance, and I like that he sets the whole plot into motion.

Best moment of the show: Anytime someone comes out of a trap door! After all this time, it’s still so riveting!!! The best offstage moment is definitely spontaneous backstage dance parties!

See Juliette in A Christmas Carol, on now-Dec 28. Tickets available here.


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