Meet Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

Name? R. Hamilton Wright

Character? Ebenezer Scrooge

A little background of yourself: I’ve been acting for 40 years. I think this may be the 50th play I have done at ACT. This one is my favorite!

What do you look forward to each year? There is always something—or many things—that I feel I didn’t get right. I look forward to trying it again.

How do you get ready for a show? I stretch. It’s like an inverse ratio—the older I get the longer I stretch.IMG_2942.JPG

If you could be any character in A Christmas Carol, who would it be? I would be Fred.

For those who have never seen ACT’s A Christmas Carol, what is the best moment of the show (whether it’s onstage or backstage)? I love everything about the show, but the moment at the end when Tiny is on my shoulder and I get to look at all my wonderful colleagues is maybe my favorite. That, and when Robbie Burgess plays some funky music on his bluetooth speaker in the greenroom and all the kids dance.

See Bob in A Christmas Carol, on now-Dec 28. Tickets available here.


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